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The structure of data, not DNA, will forge the bioeconomy

Riffyn introduces source code for scientific R&D, and Timothy Gardner writes “Let’s Get It On! Tinder for Nerds”* for the launch

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 1, 2019 — At SynBioBeta 2019, Timothy Gardner, Founder and CEO of Riffyn, will discuss how and why the company is organizing its SaaS platform around a unique GitHub-like model for scientific experiments.

“To realize the promise of a bioeconomy, we need data systems that can support the intermingling of rapidly evolving scientific ideas,” says Mr. Gardner.  “In software engineering, this is achieved by tools like GitHub which compare and merge programmers’ source code across collaborating teams. But in science there is no equivalent source code to describe and support experiments.”

To change the game for scientists, Riffyn introduced “scientific blueprints” which represent scientific processes as a standardized visual and computable form. These blueprints form source code for scientific work, allowing scientists to collaboratively compare, merge and evolve their experiments, processes, and data.

“Riffyn has found a unifying structure within scientific experiments and encoded it into a standardized form, without sacrificing the freedom to create and evolve. That is a revolutionary foundation for a better kind of science,” says Mr. Gardner.

  • Riffyn will be located in Booth #301 during SynBioBeta 2019.
  • Mr. Gardner will speak on “The next phase of AI in Synthetic Biologics” at 4:50 p.m. on Oct. 3, 2019.

*The first half of “Let’s Get It On! Tinder for Nerds” is available at SynBioBeta. Please contact us for a copy, for interviews, and a peek into the second half.

Media contact and to schedule interviews with Mr. Gardner:

Joann Calve  jcalve@riffyn.com





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