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Synthego Launches Engineered Cells Product Portfolio as Next Step in Delivering Genome Engineering Access to All Scientists

Engineered Cells single-click ordering and knockout guarantee removes barriers to world-class CRISPR results

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Synthego, the leading genome engineering solutions company, launches its Engineered Cells Portfolio with immediate access to Knockout Clone and Pool, and Advanced Cells. The Knockout Clone and Pool products enable single-click online ordering of any human cell line with a guaranteed CRISPR knockout. This guarantee combined with simplified access to CRISPR modified cells eliminates the hurdle of learning new methods and optimizing protocols, allowing scientists to focus on quality results. Advanced Cells allow researchers to leverage Synthego’s CRISPR expertise to design and execute complex cell modification projects.

CRISPR gives scientists the power of genome editing to tackle the biggest challenges presented in research, drug development and agriculture. Gaining the potential to make the edit you want is unprecedented, but the massive learning curve coupled with unpredictable results highlights the need to make CRISPR accessible to all.

“Gene editing technologies like CRISPR have dramatically improved how researchers make genomic modifications. As with many new biological tools, not everyone has the access, time and ability to learn and use CRISPR efficiently to get the results they want. Due to these barriers, there is significant demand for products that make CRISPR accessible to the masses so researchers can focus on experimental outcomes rather than method development,” said George Church, professor at Harvard & MIT. “Synthego is poised to meet that demand through the technology they have developed to automate CRISPR gene editing technology for engineering cells.”

Furthermore, unpredictable results with utilizing CRISPR “do-it-yourself” methods like in vitro transcription and plasmid are slow and complicated. Leading scientists to look for products that have all the advantages of CRISPR without these downsides.

“Scientists want to use the best standard techniques in genome engineering, but it takes months to years to get cell line processes optimized in their lab,” said Paul Dabrowski, CEO of Synthego. “With our experience running tens of thousands of genomic modifications supported by our platform built on deep bioinformatics modeling and automation in a smart factory, we are productizing Engineered Cells. Every scientist now has easy access to the full power of CRISPR, without any learning curve. This launch marks a milestone for the genome engineering industry that will enable a new generation of researchers to focus on understanding biology and making cures, rather than learning and optimizing gene editing methods.”

More about Synthego’s Engineered Cells Portfolio
Synthego’s Engineered Cells Portfolio includes:

  • Knockout Cell Pools provide researchers the ability to purchase engineered cell populations with a first-ever guarantee of 50 percent or greater knockout frequency with a single click. These engineered cells will be delivered in as few as 4 weeks. The high knockout frequency allows researchers to use the pools directly in many assays or efficiently generate clonal populations.
  • Knockout Cell Clones give researchers the most complete access to CRISPR, no additional steps are required. These engineered cell clones are 100 percent sequence verified to contain the gene of interest knocked out and are delivered in as few as 8 weeks.
  • Advanced Cells opens up a new world for researchers working on more complex gene editing projects. Researchers can leverage Synthego’s experienced team to design, execute and analyze genome editing projects that go beyond single-gene knockouts, including knock-ins (protein modifications, protein tagging, transgene insertions) and editing complex primary cells and stem cells.

“For important projects where it’s critical we get the highest quality editing as quickly as possible, it makes the most sense to work with Synthego to have them engineer the cells for us,” said Leif Oxburgh, Senior Scientist, Maine Medical Center Research Institute.

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About Synthego:
Synthego is the genome engineering innovation company. The company’s automated, full stack genome engineering platform enables broader access to CRISPR to accelerate basic scientific discovery, uncover cures for diseases and develop novel synthetic biology applications. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Synthego is used by scientists from the largest global biotechnology companies and global biology universities to unlock the potential of gene editing.

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