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SynBioBeta Deep Dive webinar with Tierra Biosciences and Labcyte

If you want to disrupt the natural products market, try combining acoustic liquid handling technology with advances in cell-free approaches. Join Zachary Sun, CEO of Tierra Biosciences (formerly Synvitrobio), to hear how his company is doing just that using the Labcyte Echo Liquid Handler, a lab automation platform that uses acoustic energy to perform precision, non-contact liquid handling. Join Zach, Labcyte’s Jared Bailey, and SynBioBeta’s John Cumbers for a live technical discussion.

Society struggles to find new natural products, says Zachary Sun, Tierra Biosciences’ CEO. Tierra technology offers a radically different way to replenish the natural product pipeline, he says, in finding the molecules of the next century.

The molecule discovery process often requires a lot of resources, time and effort. So automation will be key to enabling new innovators and bringing cell-free expression to mainstream applications. Labcyte’s Echo 525 makes it possible for Tierra’s small technical team to identify new chemical matter with ease,

“Our discovery engine is 10-100 times cheaper and faster than traditional methods,”according to Ahmed Qureshi, Head of Tierra’s BD & Operations. “We are able to test out a lot more variants from diverse backgrounds, and do it at an unprecedented rate. And we can continue to scale it up as the company grows.”


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