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Lessons learned in prototyping the internet of synthetic biology

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Come join SynBioBeta's first event of the year. We will be hosting a 1-hour round table with live Q&A not to be missed! 

Wed 24 February

9:00 - 10:00 PST

How are Robotics and Cloud-Labs Accelerating Synthetic Biology Discovery?

Recent technical advances in synthetic biology are being driven by data, computation, automation and high-throughput robotics which are fundamentally advancing the industry. Leaders in the field share their visions for synthetic biology and challenges in the age of the cloud on the path to building the networks and labs of the future. We will share lessons learned in creating highly functional consortiums of science and how to communicate about the science being performed.

AI & Robotics

Where do AI, data, and robotics fit in the realm of synthetic biology?

Synthetic Biology

What are some key challenges in the synthetic biology space?


Has COVID-19 impacted the growth of synthetic biology space?

New Technologies

What are the most exciting technologies entering the space?

Big Data

What are the trends in big data management and processing?

Life Sciences

How can synthetic biology advance the life sciences?

Meet Your

Peter Lee

Director of Science & Technology, Strateos

Mark Weston

Co-Founder & CEO, Netrias

Daniel Bryce

Principal Research Scientist, SIFT

Steven Haase

Assoc. Prof. of Biology, Duke University

Susan Buckhout-White 

Scientific Technical Advisor, Gryphon Technologies

Diveena Becker

Sr. Engineer, Ginkgo Bioworks

Take a look inside Strateos Robotic Cloud Lab

San Diego, CA

Robotic cloud laboratories are making it possible for scientists to work from home. 

Panel Discussion Topics

What are the key takeaways from attending this SynBioBeta live?


Hear about advances in synthetic biology and current bottlenecks, and where the field may be trending


Learn about present-day synthetic biology work inclusive of SD2 and automates robotic cloud labs


Connect and build a mutually beneficial network within the synthetic biology community

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Schedule - What's On The Day

Synthetic biology leaders share their visions of the future of the industry in the coming age of cloud-based labs and next-gen networking. In our special one-hour event, experts will engage in a round table discussion about the lessons they've learned in creating highly functional consortiums and the challenges of communicating scientific advances to the public. The event will conclude with a live Q&A.

9:00 - 9:05 PST

John Cumbers


John Cumbers, Founder & CEO of SynBioBeta, will give a brief welcome and introduction of the experts and topics covered

09:10 - 09:45 PST

Peter Lee (moderator)

Panel Discussion

Peter Lee, Director of Science and Technology at Strateos, will lead the round table discussion with 5 other panelists. 

09:40 - 10:00 PST

Open for All

Live Q&A

Like all virtual SynBioBeta events we open up the floor for our audience to ask our experts any questions they might have live

About Your Host

John Cumbers

Founder & CEO, SynBioBeta

John began his career at NASA Ames, in the heart of Silicon Valley, where he sought answers to how humans could live to visit the far reaches of our universe. Now at SynBioBeta, he works to empower a community of bio-entrepreneurs, companies, investors, researchers, visionaries, and thought leaders to bring projects to life. Through his leadership at SynBioBeta, John aims to facilitate the critical scientific and entrepreneurial collaborations that will shape the future of humanity.

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