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Lessons learned in prototyping the internet of synthetic biology

...(And You Are Invited)

Come join SynBioBeta's first event of the year. We will be hosting a 1-hour round table with live Q&A not to be missed! 

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Wed 24 February

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9:00 - 10:00 PST

Meet The Experts

Here are the speakers' full bios

Peter Lee

Director of Science & Technology, Strateos

Strateos are generating scientific data at an astounding rate, but without the tools to parse that data, deeper insight will be lost. By combining a molecular and mechanistic understanding of biology with quantified computational algorithms, Peter Lee is invested in producing and using the tools necessary to accelerate science. 

Mark Weston

Co-Founder & CEO, Netrias

Mr. Weston directs development of a platform to transform heterogenous data into AI ready dataframes. The current scale and velocity of data production requires lab-native technology for metadata harmonization and multi-omics data integration.

Daniel Bryce

Principal Research Scientist, SIFT

Dr. Bryce is a Principal Research Scientist at SIFT, LLC. and has conducted research in Artificial Intelligence for the last twenty years.  His primary current interests are in applying AI and Machine Learning to closing the experimental loop in Synthetic Biology. 

Diveena Becker

Sr. Engineer, Ginkgo Bioworks

Diveena leads a group of computational biologists within Ginkgo's Next Generation Sequencing team. She also leads the company's participation in the DARPA SD2 program where she and her team help facilitate the utilization of Ginkgo's high-throughput foundry services.

Steven Haase

Assoc. Prof. of Biology, Duke University

The Haase lab investigates the structure and dynamical function of Gene Regulatory Networks (GRN) that comprise biological clocks and oscillators.  We have studied cell growth, division, and gene expression in S. cerevisiae for more than 25 years.

Susan Buckhout-White

Scientific Technical Advisor, Gryphon Technologies

Dr. Buckhout-White draws from 12 years of experimental research experience in bio-technology to provide program level contract support towards developing AI methods to accelerate the development of synthetic biology, and materials science.

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