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Optimize Your Workflow: Bottlenecks And Solutions In The Design, Build, & Test Phases

Join us on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 8:00am-9:30am PST

People working in synthetic biology often discuss the design-build-test cycle for engineering new biological systems, but reality is often far messier than that. Problems with reproducibility of data and difficulties in building the correct biological constructs often unnecessarily lengthen this cycle, slowing the progress toward commercialization.

Meet The Speakers

We are excited to bring you a panel of experts to this event.

Greg Milosevich


Beckman Coulter

Greg joined Beckman Coulter Life Sciences as President in June 2019.  Greg’s Danaher career spans more than 10 years. Most recently, Greg served as President of Molecular Devices where he significantly accelerated growth and led the acquisition and integration of IDBS and the ForteBio business unit. Prior to that, Greg served as Vice President & General Manager of Molecular Devices Global Commercial Operations (2013 – 2015) and Western Markets (2010-2012). He also held Molecular Devices’ sales leadership positions in both the Americas (2007 – 2010) and Emerging Markets (2006 – 2007).  Greg holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Puget Sound.

Tim Gardner

Founder & CEO


Tim Gardner is the Founder and the CEO of Riffyn. He was previously Vice President of Research & Development at Amyris, where he led the engineering of yeast strain and processes technology for large-scale bio-manufacturing of renewable chemicals. Earlier, he was an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, the Founder of Cellicon Biotechnologies, and a Programmer at ALK Associates. Tim has been recognized for his pioneering work in Synthetic Biology by Scientific American, the New Scientist, Nature, Technology Review, and the New York Times. He also served as an advisor to the European Union Scientific Committees and the Boston University Engineering Alumni Advisory Board. He holds BS in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University.

Stephen Tate

Sr Research Scientist & Manager of Software, Applications Research


Stephen holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Warwick University & worked within the biopharma business developing analytical methods for the characterization of biologic based drugs. He moved to ABI | MDS Sciex in 2002 working in the customer support organization in EU. After 6 years he moved to MDS Sciex as a Research Scientist. While working in research he was instrumental in SWATH-MS enabling global quantitative profiling of compounds in diverse samples. He was awarded the HUPO Science & Technology Award in 2017 for Advancement of SWATH. Recently he has been focused on bioinformatic aspects of MS data processing including the recently introduced scanning SWATH & development of Sciex Cloud Software for multi-omics data processing.

Adam Clore

Director of Development and Innovation

Integrated DNA Technologies

Adam Clore is the Director of Development and Innovation at Integrated DNA Technologies. His passion for synthetic biology drives him to develop novel solutions to old and new challenges within the synthetic biology community. His background is in microbiology, biochemistry, and DNA repair. For his PhD in Biology and Systems Science, Adam studied the molecular genetics of hyperthermophilic archaea and their viruses.

Rich Ellson

CTO Echo Technologies

Beckman Coulter

Rich Ellson holds a B.S. in Fluid and Thermal Science and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He is a founder and CTO of Labcyte. He was the area manager for novel printing technologies at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. He held a variety of management and technical roles at the Eastman Kodak Company. An inventor of 70+ US patents, he is the recipient of several awards, including a Kodak Doctoral Award, 2006 PolyPops Foundation Award and a nomination for the 1994 Lemelson-MIT Prize.

Mike Fero



Mike Fero is a California physicist and entrepreneur, best known for his elementary particle work at CERN and SLAC, systems biology research at Stanford, and the synthetic biology company TeselaGen.

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