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Plant Sensory Systems Receives Notice of Allowance from USPTO for Patent on Taurine Production

Patent Will Cover Compositions and Uses of Taurine Biosynthesis in Bacteria

BALTIMORE, MD, September 14, 2018 — Plant Sensory Systems, LLC (PSS), an R&D company developing biotechnologies and biochemical solutions to address global market needs, today announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for patent application No. 14/993,519, “Methods for the Biosynthesis of Taurine or Hypotaurine in cells” (‘519 patent). PSS has previously been granted a patent for taurine production in plants and algae. The ‘519 patent claims now extend PSS’s IP coverage for taurine biosynthesis to include bacteria.

“We are pleased that the USPTO has allowed this US patent relating to taurine production in bacteria. This new patent coupled with our prior patent covering taurine production in plants and algae will enhance our exclusive position for the production of taurine in cells, “said Kathleen Turano, President of Plant Sensory Systems.

High demand exists for an inexpensive and safe source of taurine for use in a wide range of products including aquafeed, pet food, energy and sports drinks, cosmetics, and healthcare. The global market for supplemental taurine is estimated to be >$1B.

“PSS has successfully made high taurine-producing bacterial strains. Our plan is to be producing taurine by fermentation at pilot scale within a year,” stated Frank Turano, Chief Research Officer of Plant Sensory Systems.

About Plant Sensory Systems

Plant Sensory Systems, LLC is a privately held R&D company that develops proprietary biotechnologies for sustainable food, feed, biofuel, and bio-based products. PSS has expertise in modifying metabolic pathways and selects those pathways with real commercial value to develop into high-value products. The company is located in Baltimore, Maryland at bwtech@UMBC Research and Technology Park.

Company Contact: Kathleen Turano Plant Sensory Systems Phone: +1 443 543-5580 E-Mail: kturano@plant-ss.com www.plantsensorysystems.com


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