Ping Yang

Ping Yang –

Synbio Technologies

Ph.D. Ping Yang, who had long been a top executive in the multinational Biotech Corp, is an experienced senior manager as well as a famous expert in the field of synthetic biology and pharmaceutical development. As a corporate executive, Ph.D. Ping Yang has led the team to achieve a rapid leap from one million yuan to more than one hundred million yuan (both in three years) in his former two companies (GenScript Corp. of the United States, director of gene department (2007-2009); GENEWIZ INC., vice president and general manager of China (2009-2013)). In August 2013, he left GENEWIZ INC. and started his own venture in Suzhou Biobay, the project included the extension of the practical application of gene synthesis technology and the grasp of key technology in this project plays the leadership role.

Before entering the business world, Ph.D. Ping Yang was a senior researcher at the University of Vanderbilt, he wrote and co-authored more than 50 papers and was a guest speaker of many international scientific conferences and the winner of a number of awards, which include: 2012 SAPA outstanding contribution and support Award; 2010 Suzhou Industrial Park Technological Leading Talents, 2005 Chinese medical science and Technology Award (third prize); 2002 Chinese University Science and Technology Award (second prize); 2001 Ministry of Education Science and Technology Achievement Award; 2000 Science and Technology Progress Award in Jiangsu Province (second prize), etc..”