Per Tomani

Per Tomani – Business Development Manager


Per is Business Development Manager at RISE Bioeconomy (previous company names: Innventia and the Swedish Pulp & Paper Research Institute). His main responsibility today is within the business unit Biorefining & Energy. Per has about 25 years of experience in research, development and innovation with the focus to utilize wood more efficient in kraft pulp mill biorefineries. The specialist field is separation and the potential to use lignin in different applications, such as the development of lignin-based carbon fibres & carbon nanofibers. Per is co-inventor of the LignoBoost process which separates and purify lignin from kraft pulp mills. Innventia sold this technology in 2008 to Valmet and it is today commercialized in two production lines. Per is also a board member of the company LignoBoost Demo AB, where the LignoCity Initiative is under development.