Lina Gasiūnaitė

Lina Gasiūnaitė – Co-founder


Lina co-founded Biotangents with fellow Director and Lead Scientist Andy Hall-Ponsele in 2015 with the aim of using novel DNA manipulation technologies to solve societal challenges. Biotangents are now applying these technologies to the challenges of diagnosing infectious diseases in livestock through the use of Moduleic Sensing™.

Lina completed her undergraduate studies in Molecular Biology at Vilnius University and holds a MSc in Biotechnology from the University of Edinburgh. As part of her dissertation, she incorporated standardisation into a proprietary combinatorial DNA assembly technology, making it compatible with the widely used BioBrick™ standard. Lina also acted as an advisor to the University of Edinburgh’s 2013 gold medal-winning iGEM team. After graduation, Lina continued to work in DNA manipulation and metabolic engineering of bacteria, delivering varied projects with local SMEs and multinational partners.