Florencio Mazzoldi

Florencio Mazzoldi – BioNano Research Group


Florencio Mazzoldi leads the software development efforts within the BioNano Research Group at Autodesk. He joined Autodesk Research in 2012 and his areas of expertise include software architecture, cloud technologies, software development process and bionanotechnology. Since 2000, Florencio has led efforts of increasing size and complexity to deliver software in the financial, healthcare and human resources industries. In 2011 Florencio ventured into bionanotechnology by joining a team of researchers at Harvard University and Autodesk to deliver Cadnano 2, a DNA Origami CAD application. Florencio received a M.Sc. in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University in 1999 and a B.Sc. in Systems Analysis from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1995.