Ewa Lis

Ewa Lis – Founder & CTO

Koliber Biosciences

Ewa Lis is the founder and CTO of Koliber Biosciences, a synthetic biology start up that utilizes data science approaches to enable more predictive engineering of microbes as biochemical production platforms. Before embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure Ewa led a team of multidisciplinary scientists at Genomatica developing metabolic pathways for utilization of novel feedstocks. She introduced the use of data science methods to Genomatica and developed assays and models to predict strain performance in fermentation. While at Life Technologies, Ewa established an algae program, helped design a state-of-the-art algae manufacturing facility and delivered first to market genetic engineering kits for two strains of algae in 18 months. Prior to Life Technologies, Ewa led a team of postdoctoral researchers at University of California, San Diego on a Sponsored Research Project from Biolight Harvesting where she discovered and scaled up cyanobacterial strains for fatty acid production. Ewa obtained her Ph.D. from The Scripps Research Institute in 2008 working in the Romesberg lab where she demonstrated that DNA mutation could be inhibited with a small molecule. Her research experience started as an undergraduate research scholar at Cornell University where she obtained her BA in Chemistry in 2002. When not immersed in science Ewa continues to challenge herself as an avid rock climber in sunny Southern California.