Eli Groban

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Eli leads the science in the BioNano group at Autodesk. He is regarded as an Industry leader in the development of operational scientific teams integrating metabolic engineering, software, DNA fabrication, and automation to produce awesome new biological behaviors. Eli is an industrial synthetic biologist with proven success in all aspects of biological engineering for Fuel and Specialty Chemical production including: pathway optimization, enzyme evolution, genetic modification, protein/pathway/whole strain mutagenesis, fermentation, and scale up. His past work includes engineering a microbial strain to produce fuels and chemicals from sugar and engineering a microbe to upgrade natural gas to liquid fuels and chemicals. Prior to his work in Synthetic Biology and metabolic engineering, Eli developed computational models for protein structure design and optimization. He has a Ph.D. in Biophysics from the University of California, San Francisco and a B.A. in Chemistry from Williams College. In his 7 years post graduate school, Eli has 6 patent applications on the development of new technologies for engineering proteins, metabolic pathways, and microbial systems