Elena Brevnova

Elena Brevnova – Founder


Dr. Elena Brevnova is a founder of Secrilico, a company that intends to help molecular biologists optimize protein expression more quickly and at much lower cost. In parallel Dr. Brevnova is leading the Strain Engineering team at Evelo Therapeutics, an exciting new company applying microbiome-associated bacteria to develop an innovative class of cancer therapeutics. Previously, as Scientific Program Manager at Total Gas&Power, she built the first Total molecular biology laboratory and lead Strain Development group working on engineering oleaginous yeast strains for lipids production. As a Project Leader at Mascoma, Elena was managing group of scientists working on engineering of saccharolytic enzymes and yeast strains used for biofuels production. Her team developed the first GMO yeast strain approved in the U.S. for use in corn ethanol industry. As Scientist at GlycoFy/Merck Dr. Brevnova co-invented an improved yeast strain for producing antibodies and other therapeutic proteins. At UCSD, she was studying mechanisms of apoptosis in pulmonary vascular smooth muscle cells. As postdoc at Stanford, Elena solved the structure of the human interleukin-6/IL-6 alpha-receptor/gp130 complex. Dr. Elena Brevnova completed her Ph.D. graduate work in the laboratory of Yeast Biotechnology in Moscow, Russia, where she developed a novel method for fructose production by metabolic engineering of yeast.