Edward Silva –


Edward Silva is the Executive Director of Thought For Food (TFF), a unique non-profit innovation platform that empowers brilliant students globally to generate bold, new solutions that tackle the world’s food issues. Currently comprised of more than 5000 students from 676 universities in over 105 countries – and growing every year – TFF is making real impact.

After winning the 2013 TFF Challenge and launching his startup Henlight as a result, Edward joins the TFF team to spearhead and energize new partnerships, grow the team, and help scale the TFF movement create even greater value. Edward, a graduate of international agricultural development technology management from the University of California, Davis, will facilitate the Future of Food Panel. This session will look at how we can continue to increase sustainable, healthy, and nutritious food, given pressing challenges, with the support of the latest food tech entrepreneurs. With a background in production agriculture and a pulse on global entrepreneurship in food security, come see as Edward drives this panel to discuss, dissect and debate the road ahead for the future of food.