Douglas Friedman –

Engineering Biology Research Consortium

Douglas Friedman is Executive Director of the Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC), a not-for-profit research consortium which aims to be the leading organization bringing together an inclusive community committed to advancing biological engineering to address national and global needs. His primary technical interests lie in the fields of synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology, and applications of the biological and chemical sciences to national defense and homeland security. Doug’s policy interests include governance and regulation of biotechnology, safeguarding the bioeconomy, and building robust community partnerships. Prior to his role at EBRC, Doug was senior program officer with the Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. He served as study director or co-study director on 7 major studies and numerous workshops and other activities, developed work at the interface of chemistry and biology, and served as internal SME on emerging biotechnologies. Prior to joining the Academies Doug performed research in physical organic chemistry and chemical biology at Northwestern University, the University of California, Los Angeles, the University of California, Berkeley, and Solulink Biosciences. He received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Northwestern University and a B.S. in Chemical Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.