Dek Woolfson

Dek Woolfson – Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

BrisSynBio, University of Bristol

Prof Dek Woolfson took his first degree in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, UK. He then did a PhD at the University of Cambridge followed by post-doctoral research at University College London and the University of California, Berkeley. After 10 years as Lecturer through to Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Sussex, he moved to the University of Bristol in 2005 to take up a joint chair in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Prof Woolfson’s research has always been at the interface between chemistry and biology, applying chemical methods and principles to understand biological phenomena. Specifically, his group is interested in the challenge of rational protein design, and how this can be applied in synthetic biology and biotechnology. His particular emphasis is on making completely new protein structures and biomaterials for applications in cell biology and medicine. In 2011, Prof Woolfson became the first recipient of the Medimmune Protein and Peptide Science Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry; and in 2014 he received a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award. Prof Woolfson is Director of BrisSynBio, a £13.6M BBSRC/EPSRC-funded Synthetic Biology Research Centre.