Celia Caulcott

Celia Caulcott – Executive Director, Innovation and Skills


Dr Caulcott is BBSRC Director, Innovation and Skills. Trained initially in microbiology and following her PhD she joined Celltech Ltd, where she worked on and subsequently led research on therapeutic recombinant monoclonal antibodies. After working for ICI Pharmaceuticals and the Wellcome Foundation/GSK, Dr Caulcott became an independent bio-pharmaceutical and research management consultant, working on projects for the then DTI and other government departments and agencies including the Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health, as well as for the BBSRC and Medical Research Council. She also worked for the Wellcome Trust, in particular with the Sanger Institute on the Pathogen Genome Sequencing Programme and the Human Genome Project and for Imperial College London developing research strategy.

Since joining the BBSRC in September 2008, she has widened its engagement with businesses associated with agriculture and food in the UK, and placed an emphasis on the importance of the bioscience research base in contributing to knowledge exchange and innovation to benefit society and the economy both within and beyond the UK. She has also had the opportunity to influence very high level skills developments in bioscience, supporting a user-focused approach. Currently she leads on the development of the BBSRC strategy in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy and in establishing the BBSRC innovation strategy, in particular as realised through research and innovation campuses.