Catherine Coleman

Catherine Coleman – Astronaut


Dr. Catherine Coleman is a NASA Astronaut with more than 180 days in space, accumulated during two space shuttle missions and a six-month expedition to the International Space Station (ISS).  She launched and landed aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft and acted as the lead robotics and science officer during her tenure aboard the ISS, performing the second-ever free flyer robotic capture from the Space Station.  After returning from Expedition 27, Coleman served as the Astronaut Office Lead for Visiting Vehicle Supply Ships from NASA’s commercial space partners Space-X and Orbital Sciences, as well as the Japanese Space Agency.  She is currently on a detail assignment to the Chief Technologist’s Office at NASA HQ as the NASA lead for the Launch Program, a joint venture with the US Department of State, USAID and Nike.  Cady is a retired USAF Colonel who started her career as a polymer chemist and a out of MIT and Univ of Mass, Amherst.