Catherine A. Barton

Catherine Barton – ‎Environmental Engineer


Catherine A. Barton has worked at DuPont since 1989 and has served as an engineer in their Issues and Crisis Management in Public Affairs since 2011. Dr. Barton leads DuPont’s Biotechnology Issues Council and has also been active in managing issues related to nanotechnology, chemicals risk management and alternatives assessment guidance, pandemic planning, and animal welfare. She leads DuPont’s working group for synthetic biology issues management.

Previously, she spent 22 years doing environmental consulting work for DuPont, including multimedia field assessment work, treatment design, air dispersion modeling and chemical risk assessment.

She has maintained her Professional Engineering license and has published 7 papers.

Dr. Barton received her BS and MS from Virginia Tech in Civil and Environmental engineering.  She received her Ph.D. from the University Delaware.