Boet Glandorf – Senior Risk Assessor


Boet Glandorf,  at the Dutch GMO Office, National institute of Public Health and the Environment. After earning her doctorate in plant pathology and performing field trials with GM biocontrol bacteria for several years, she gained her current job at the GMO Office where she is responsible for the risk assessment of field trials and commercial release of GM plants in the EU for the Dutch Ministry of Environment. She was part, among others, of the EU technical working groups on new plant breeding techniques and participates as an expert in several working groups of the Eurepean Food Safety Authority with respect to the safety of GM products. She is part of the Dutch delegation for negotations under the Cartagena Protocol and part of the Ad Hoc Technical Working Group on Synthetic Biology. On a daily basis, she discusses about aspects of environmental riks assessment of GMOs, synthetic biology and regulation with students, scientists, applicants and civil servants.