Benjamin Griffin

Benjamin Griffin – Senior Director of Microbial and Enzyme Engineering

Synthetic Genomics

Benjamin Griffin is the Senior Director of Microbial and Enzyme Engineering for the Nutritional and Bio-industrial Products Division at Synthetic Genomics, Inc.  He is a microbial physiologist and received his PhD from Michigan State University in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics in the Center for Microbial Ecology. Currently, his Synthetic Genomics team supports several projects advancing from ideation to pilot-ready technology.  His groups cover many functions of early stage R&D including bio-prospecting, protein engineering, biocatalysis, adaptive laboratory evolution, metabolic engineering, and small-scale fermentation.  In previous roles during his six years at Synthetic Genomics, Ben was Senior Director of Biobased Chemicals, Director of Hydrocarbons Research and Senior Scientist, Microbiology.