Andy Smith

Andy Smith – Chief Investment Officer

Mann Bioinvest

Andy Smith is chief investment officer of Mann Bioinvest. Mann Bioinvest manages the Magna BioPharma Income fund, a global life science investment fund. Dr Smith was once a scientist and trained as a molecular microbiologist at the University of Nottingham and at Glaxo. After a lectureship at Guy’s Medical School and an MBA Andy moved back to industry on the commercial side of SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals. After leaving the pharmaceutical industry Andy has worked since as an investor at 3i Group, Schroders, SV Life Sciences, AXA and now Mann Bioinvest. He has been lead fund manager for four life science-specific funds, including International Biotechnology Trust and the AXA Framlington Biotech Fund, and was awarded the Technology Fund Manager of the year for 2007.