Andy Bass – CEO


Andy Bass is a co-founder and CEO of Biological & Popular Culture, Inc. (BioPop). He is often described as a renaissance man by those who know him best. Born on a farm in Hazel Green, Alabama his parents instilled self-sustaining mechanical and craftsman skills from an early age. These skills provided a foundation for a trouble shooting, do-it-yourself and succeed mindset that would boost him throughout his life and world travels. His educational background is in biology and in his early professional career, Andy drove business and sales for global biotechnology companies. With a desire to combine his love for science and passion for creating art, Andy co-founded Yonder Biology in 2009. This creative outlet started a new genre of contemporary art in which pieces showcase biology through function and design. Andy’s work can be seen in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art and in homes and offices around the world.