Andrew Soare

Andrew Soare – Senior Analyst

Lux Research

As a Senior Analyst at Lux Research, Andrew Soare leads the Alternative Fuels Intelligence service and the Bio-based Materials and Chemicals Intelligence service, where he regularly analyzes technologies, strategies, and business models of emerging companies. These technology domains focus on disruptive technology to generate transportation fuels, energy, and chemicals from biomass, waste, and other non-traditional feedstocks. Andrew has authored several reports, including an extensive market sizing study, benchmarking the existing penetration of biofuels and bio-based materials, and predicting future trends and drivers in the industry.

Andrew has made presentations to clients and conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia on alternative fuels, bio-based plastics, and solar and is frequently quoted in the press. Andrew has advised global corporations with a range of projects focusing on technology evaluation, market analysis, and partnership search and selection on topics ranging from future transportation fuels, biomass supply, bio-based polymers, and algae cultivation technologies.

Andrew Soare graduated Cum Laude from Cornell University with a concentration in Climate Science.  While at Cornell, he participated in a field program researching the earth and environmental systems of Hawaii.