The Global
Synthetic Biology Summit

SVN West
San Francisco, California
Tuesday-Thursday, Oct. 1-3, 2019

The Global
Synthetic Biology Summit

SVN West
San Francisco, California
Tuesday-Thursday, Oct. 1-3, 2019

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LanzaTech Spearheads The Green Tech Revolution

Using an atypical bacterial strain to recycle waste gas into fuel and chemicals, LanzaTech is helping to give the environment a fighting chance.

A two-for-one punch: how Mango Materials turns waste methane into biodegradable materials

“We spend a lot of our time looking at biodegradability in anaerobic environments, marine environments, backyard compost.”

Meet CRISPR’s new small molecule inhibitor

There are several applications that could benefit from CRISPR inhibitors.

The new kids on the block: first-time investors in synthetic biology are focused on cleantech

Cleantech investing has recently emerged from the trough of disillusionment, propelled by new technologies including synthetic biology.

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Editors' picks

Rewriting genomes to understand life

A research group from ETH Zurich recently reported the generation of a synthetic version of the model bacterium Caulobacter crescentus genome. This work advances our knowledge on synthetic chromosome construction...


Synthetic biology breaks out of the cell

Cells are one of nature’s greatest feats of engineering. They contain within the instructions for the entire lifecycle of our bodies. They are a critical building block for all life on Earth. But they also have their...

Press releases

Givaudan to acquire cosmetics business of AMSilk

Strengthens Active Beauty’s global capabilities in sustainable biopolymers As part of its 2020 strategy to expand the capabilities of our Active Beauty business, Givaudan today announced that it has reached an agreement...

NanoCellect Biomedical Begins Distribution to Europe

SAN DIEGO (April 24, 2019) – NanoCellect Biomedical Inc., a leader in the development and manufacture of microfluidic cell sorting solutions for cell-based assays, today announced an exclusive distribution agreement...

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