July 14, 2016

SynBioBeta Opens Memberships and Registration for San Francisco 2016

SynBioBeta SF 2016 Open
SynBioBeta SF 2015, Session 4: Investor Panel Discussion

SynBioBeta is coming back to San Francisco this October 4th-6th at a new venue, the South San Francisco Conference Center, for the 5th Annual SynBioBeta SF 2016.  SynBioBeta SF 2016 is the prime conference for the synthetic biology industry, where we bring together the global community to focus on continuing to drive technology and business forward. SynBioBeta plans to “Fuel Your Passion for Engineering Biology” with a program filled with talks from key thought-leaders, decision makers, and tech pioneers.

This year SynBioBeta SF 2016 has an exciting line up of session topics that will surely appeal to everyone. Some of the sessions include:

Agricultural Panel

Back in April, SynBioBeta covered a press release from DuPont Pioneer, unveiling their first product developed through CRISPR/Cas. They offer an advanced breeding platform to develop seed products for greater environmental resilience with characteristics resembling disease resistance and drought tolerance.  The use of new tools and techniques in the agriculture business has been growing substantially over the last few years. In this panel discussion, they will be bringing together international experts who have been at the forefront of AG biotech since the beginning. During the discussion, they will have a look at the impact of new tools and techniques on the industry as well as explore trends, opportunities and challenges encountered by leaders in this area.

Tools and Technology

Earlier in 2016, Sphere Fluidics closed a large investment deal for the development of their Single Cell Analysis, Cyto-Mine.  Development of the unique Cyto-Mine system is expected to allow for rapid and cost-effective screening of cells in order to optimize metabolic pathways, produce key enzymes and metabolites, and create new molecules or improved expression of host strains.  Cyto-Mine is a “high-throughput instrument” that uses picodroplet technology and microfluidics to process around 1 million heterogeneous mammalian cells in less than 12 hours.  Engineering biology wouldn’t be possible without such innovative genetic tools and the companies in this session are at the forefront of building new tools to simplify and scale. You’ll be able to listen and engage with companies offering novel engineering techniques, ultra-high throughput screening, and custom biocatalysts.

Session 3: Open Source Lessons for Synthetic Biology Panel Discussion

SynBioBeta SF 2015, Session 3: Open Source Lessons for Synthetic Biology Panel Discussion

Biosecurity Panel

As we live in an ever-changing world, there’s no better time to highlight the responsible practices of the biosecurity community. Their focus is keeping the technologies being developed by the synthetic biology industry protected from a biosafety, biosecurity and economic security point of view. In this panel, join the biosecurity experts as they discuss the challenges and path forward for the industry and the proactive steps that are being taken to address any concerns.

DNA Storage and Hard Drives

As the world of information balloons beyond our current stage of storage capabilities, new waves of storing and retrieving massive amounts of data are being sought. In this session, SynBioBeta explore some of the ideas, technologies, and companies like Gen9 who are at the forefront of the use of DNA for data storage.  Gen9 has been making great waves in the news recently by striking deals with Ginkgo Bioworks and Amyris.  Gen9’s MAP program is supported by new software and biochemistry developments in the company’s highly proprietary BioFab® platform. Gen9 founders have promised that the latest generation of their silicon chip-based technology will scale up the global synthetic DNA production capacity by orders of magnitude.With biology impacting so many different industries, the storage industry is ripe for disruptions.

New this year, SynBioBeta is excited to announce memberships. Becoming a member gains you additional discounted access to all of our SynBioBeta conferences and special access to member only content, such as post event conference videos and our industry database that currently includes over 300+ companies with it continuing to grow daily in the synthetic biology community.  As an added bonus to becoming a member, you will gain complimentary membership to the BioActivate, which will soon be launched as a hub for the advancement of biotechnology advocacy and education. Be sure to sign-up before you register for the San Francisco conference for up to 55% savings off your conference ticket. Pre-Registration will run from July 14th – 28th.

Also new to SynBioBeta SF 2016 are poster presentations, and we are still accepting abstract submissions through July 29th. Be one of the first people to showcase how you are “Fueling your Passion for Engineering Biology”.

Stay tuned to the blog and digest for the rest of the schedule and as we get ready to announce our stellar speaker line-up.  



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