January 9, 2014

Welcome to the SynBioBeta Blog! Activity Hub For The Synthetic Biology Industry

synthetic biology

The synthetic biology industry has exploded onto the scene in recent years and now boasts over 120 companies — almost half of which have been founded in the last three years. The growth and importance of synthetic biology will be on full display in 2014 as it continues to drive the bioeconomy forward. DNA synthesis costs are descending at their fastest historical rate, several industrial biotech companies are poised to test technology platforms at commercial scale, and, undoubtedly, another dozen or so startups will be founded before the year is complete.

Here at SynBioBeta we understand the importance of the industry’s advancements, game-changing ideas, and talented individuals. We’ve worked hard to build relationships and knowledge at conferences in Silicon Valley (2012), London (2013), and San Francisco (2013) and with our introductory courses in synthetic biology we are welcoming newcomers to the field as well. We know it won’t be easy to keep pace with the growth of the industry, but we’ve accepted the challenge. For 2014, we’ve expanded our team, redesigned the website, and we’re planning conferences and events in London, San Francisco, Boston, Malaysia and Singapore.

We’re also excited to launch the SynBioBeta Blog and announce the appointment of Maxx Chatsko as Editor-in-Chief. Maxx obtained a B.S. bioprocess engineering in 2012 from SUNY-ESF before becoming a full-time contributor at The Motley Fool, where he’s growing into a leading voice on publicly-traded industrial biotech companies. He’ll be in charge of the new blog, writing original content, doing analysis, and conducting interviews.  If you have a story for him, then please get in touch.

What can you expect from the new blog? Each week we’ll publish firsthand accounts about the joys and pitfalls of startup and industry life from company founders.  We’ll also offer original content, advice and trends to watch from synthetic biology investors, spotlights on startups and new technologies, industry updates on the bioeconomy and commercial developments, and much more. The SynBioBeta Blog will be the leading source for all things related to the synthetic biology industry — and it wouldn’t be possible without our great team, contributors, co-publishing partners, and readers.

SynBioBeta looks forward to expanding our coverage of the industry and helping you create long-lasting relationships to develop your idea and change the world. Let’s make 2014 the best year yet for synthetic biology!

Best wishes,

John Cumbers, Founder SynBioBeta


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