February 24, 2016

SynBioBeta Announces Its First Activate! China Event

This year, SynBioBeta is excited to announce the first SynBioBeta Activate! China conference on June 14th – 17th. This conference is in addition to our 4th annual conference in London this year and SynBioBeta’s 5th annual conference in San Francisco.

This is an especially appropriate time for SynBioBeta to hold a conference in China since the country has made such huge investments in synthetic biology and the life sciences over the past few years. In addition, China continues to fill the pipeline of U.S. universities with post-docs – some of which choose to head back to China after graduation and set up their own labs and companies.

I’m excited to see where the growth of synthetic biology can go in China. They have the world’s second largest economy and are a powerhouse in many industries now, particularly manufacturing. As China continues to change from a rural economy to a city-dwelling and technological, knowledge economy, it’s clear that biotechnology is going to play an important part in that.

This conference will be home to three exclusive events from June 14-17, 2016 in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

In addition to these exclusive sessions, SynBioBeta will be conducting a tour associated with the visits.  We’ll be covering a growing number of people and stories in China on the blog here and in the digests, so keep posted for more information coming soon!

If you are interested in learning more about SynBioBeta Activate! China 2016 or receiving notifications about the event, you can sign up for alerts on the event webpage.



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