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Senior Scientist, Fungal Strain Engineering: LifeMine, Cambridge, MA

Date: September 21, 2018

We are seeking a Senior Scientist with deep expertise and hands on experience in the use of synthetic biology tools to clone, engineer, and manipulate fungi, to produce secondary metabolites derived from fungal BGCs (Biosynthetic Gene Clusters) and to increase the titers of natural product production and help establish LifeMine’s fungal genomically-enabled drug discovery platform.

 Job Responsibilities

  • Enable the synthetic biology platform at LifeMine by developing and implementing the necessary molecular tools for heterologous expression of fungal secondary metabolite clusters (BGCs).
  • Enable the generation of knock-out and knock-in fungal strains to identify fungal secondary metabolite from BGCs.
  • Develop synthetic biology strategies to increase production titers of natural products.
  • Create natural product analogues through biosynthetic cluster engineering.
  • Actively collaborate with LifeMine’s Genomics, Microbiology, Natural Product Chemistry, and Mass Spectroscopy groups to interpret data and design new experiments.
  • Proactively evaluate new technologies, be versed with current literature, and implement new features and functionality into the genomically-enabled drug discovery pipeline.

Job Requirements

  • Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, or related field.
  • 4+ years industry experience preferred.
  • Experience with working, manipulating and engineering filamentous fungi.
  • Has demonstrated mastery of all the molecular/genetic tools required to successfully engineer filamentous fungal strains to produce secondary metabolites.
  • Expert knowledge in molecular biology techniques: PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR, DNA/RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, and seamless cloning (Gibson methods).
  • Expert knowledge in the use of bioinformatics tools to analyze DNA sequences and design cloning strategies and gene constructs (SnapGene, Clone Manager, NCBI BLAST etc).
  • Experience in using synthetic biology to modify secondary metabolism gene clusters.
  • Experience in fungal secondary metabolite regulation, biosynthesis (polyketides, terpenes), and metabolism a plus.
  • Experience/exposure to the emerging CRISPR technologies.
  • A desire to be a significant presence and leader in a laboratory setting, being involved in the design, implementation, and downstream prosecution of efforts resulting from your data.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are required.
  • Ability to foresee, define, identify and resolve problems in a timely manner.
  • A sense of adventure and excitement to build a new company and work in a fast-pace and highly dynamic multidisciplinary team environment.

About LifeMine Therapeutics

LifeMine is the first company to massively scale the genomic discovery of powerful new drug modalities from eukaryotic microbes. Our integrated, genomically-enabled drug discovery engine is poised to deliver a pipeline of medicines that will conquer previously unconquerable human diseases. The company has succeeded in hacking an evolutionary code in biosynthetic genes, creating a springboard for rapid discovery of naturally inspired drugs that function in unexpected ways. These medicines transcend the standard playbook of drug design. LifeMine grew out of visionary founder Gregory Verdine’s life passion to discover and commercialize new drug modalities.

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