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How to show consumers the benefits of genetically modified foods

David Di Zhang, University of Saskatchewan and Grant Alexander Wilson, University of Saskatchewan Genetically modified (GM) foods for human consumption have long been a subject of intense public debate, as well as academic research. Despite the lack of scientific [...]

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Ginkgo Bioworks Announces Biosecurity Initiative, Using Deep Learning to Reduce the Global Threat of Biological Weapons and Infectious Disease

Company’s multiple contracts with a total $64M ceiling with IARPA, DoD, and DHS establish integrated platform to enable the responsible growth of synthetic biology and its application in health and biosecurity BOSTON, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ginkgo Bioworks, the organism [...]

IARPA Awards Draper Multi-Year $7.8 Million Contract to Improve Biodetection Security

CAMBRIDGE, MA—Draper has been awarded a three-and-a-half-year $7.8 million contract by IARPA (The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, National Intelligence Directorate) as part of the FELIX Program to research and develop tools to enable better detection of engineered organisms. [...]

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Bioengineers today emphasize the crucial ingredient Dr. Frankenstein forgot – responsibility

Victor Frankenstein’s mistakes serve as cautionary lessons. Etienne Marais/Pexels, CC BY Ian Haydon, University of Washington Mary Shelley was 20 when she published “Frankenstein” in 1818. Two hundred years on, the book remains thrilling, challenging and relevant — especially [...]

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Biotech Needs Better External Innovation Networks and Think Tanks (Part I)

When we think about forests, we think about trees. Trees are important, but their vitality depends on fungal mycelium, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and many other unseen microbial players. Science and technology are the most salient features in biotech, yet they exist [...]

Future Shock: What the World Economic Forum had to say about CRISPR

This year’s World Economic Forum is a wrap. Presidents, chief executives, policy wonks and futurists from around the world made their annual pilgrimage to Davos, Switzerland, to discuss the state of the economy, global governance,  and — in a panel [...]

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