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Molecular Assemblies: Rewriting synthetic biology with enzymatic DNA synthesis

This content is made possible by Molecular Assemblies, a San Diego based company that aims to fundamentally change DNA synthesis with its enzymatic DNA synthesis technology, enabling new products in industrial synthetic biology, personalized therapeutics, precision diagnostics, data storage, nanotechnology [...]

Adding to the microbial toolbox: Optimizing skin microbes to treat skin disease

How giving beneficial microbes the ability to produce human proteins may make them even more powerful contributors to skin health This story is brought to you by Azitra, a preclinical stage biotechnology company combining the power of the microbiome with [...]

Can you change the world with 100,000 bp of DNA? This company wants to help

This story is brought to by Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), whose Synthetic Biology Start-up Grant Program supports socially minded innovation within the synthetic biology industry. Learn more about the contest and how to apply at the Integrated DNA Technologies Synthetic [...]

Targeted Sequencing Changes the NGS Game

This article is brought to you by Twist Bioscience, whose new Human Core Exome Kit can help improve the effectiveness of research screens. Learn more here about how Twist Bioscience is helping researchers focus on the 1%-2% of DNA sequences [...]

Labcyte’s acoustic droplet ejection technology is miniaturizing high-throughput assembly

Sponsored Article According to leaders in the synbio field, miniaturization is the next step for cost-cutting in gene construct assembly. For example, using acoustic liquid handling technology can scale down and streamline the process without compromising accuracy. The Labcyte Echo [...]

Precision CRISPR Engineering Startup Guide BioSci Named Runner-Up in IDT Synthetic Biology Grant Contest

This article is sponsored by Integrated DNA Technologies. Guide Biosci has been named runner-up in IDT’s new Synthetic Biology Grant Program and will be receiving 50,000 base pairs of DNA from IDT’s synthetic biology product line, a value of approximately $7,500. [...]

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