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News digest #262 – Why 2019 is the year of living medicines + Nestlé & Codexis, + $14m for Phylagen


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The idea of leveraging an organism’s intrinsic properties for medical benefits has existed for millennia. But in the last few years, synthetic biologists have revolutionized the idea of living medicines — engineered microorganisms with the ability to smartly deliver treatments at exactly the right dosage, time, and place. We talked with Ena Cratsenburg, Ginkgo Bioworks’ Chief Business Officer, about the company’s interest in living medicines, its new mammalian foundry, and the power of biology to do good in the world.

We also revisit a lively series of SynBioBeta 2018 talks on why living medicines offer such unique approaches to treat and prevent diseases. Many living medicines are in their infancy, but this year will prove transformative as new partnerships are forged, cutting-edge technologies are commercialized, and numerous living medicines advance to clinical trials. We’ll be featuring a special fireside chat on this topic with Synlogic’s CEO Aoife Brennan and Tim Lu from Senti Biosciences (pictured below) at SynBioBeta 2019, October 1-3, you can register here.

Following Pivot Bio’s big news last week on the successful field trials of its engineered microbes for delivering nitrogen to corn crops, SynBioBeta contributor Fiona Mischel further explores how Pivot’s novel nitrogen source represents a radical ability to change our thinking on how we generate and produce materials for the future, and reconsider what’s possible in closing the food gap, the land gap, and the greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation gap to sustainably meet our global calorie needs.

Natural product discovery is at the dawn on a new era, with a convergence of new synthetic biology approaches poised to disrupt the field. Join me in conversation with Tierra Biosciences’ CEO Zachary Sun for a special deep dive technical webinar about how cell-free technology and Labcyte’s Echo Liquid Handler open up new possibilities in natural products. Sign up for the webinar on February 27 at 10am Pacific.

New to synthetic biology, or know someone who wants to get up to speed? I’ll be teaching our “Introduction to Synthetic Biology” course online on Feb 28th. You can sign up here.

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Oxford Genetics, Sphere Fluidics, Twist Bioscience to develop microfluidic systems for gene editing

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Nestlé Health Science to commercialize Codexis’ biotherapeutic for PKU

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Phylagen raises $14M to build the largest environmental microbiome database

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Inari adds powerful plant breeding tools through exclusive license to UCLA epigenetics patents

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Synlogic appoints Patricia N. Hurter, Ph.D. to Board of Directors

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Amyris to discover sustainable alternatives to shark squalene to use as vaccine adjuvants

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More reads

More reads

KnipBio earns GRAS green light from FDA for novel aquafeed protein (Press release)

Multimillion pound biotechnology research investment for Manchester

Center for Health Security announces fellows accepted to Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity class of 2019

HelixNano announces grant from Schmidt Futures to pursue personalized cancer vaccines

Caribou Biosciences announces expansion of Scientific Advisory Board (Press release)

Biotech Campus Delft and YES!Delft partner up to support promising European biotech startups

World Health Organization forms committee to guide editing of human genes (NPR)

Plant-breeding biotech Cibus delays IPO, citing market conditions (Xconomy)

Future of US citrus may hinge on consumer acceptance of genetically modified food (University of Illinois)

UC Berkeley team to be awarded CRISPR patent (The Scientist)

Who's hiring?

Who’s hiring?

Senior Strain Engineer: Bondi Bioworks – Sydney, Australia

Research Associate (CRISPR): Mammoth Biosciences, San Francisco CA

Senior Analytical Chemist / Biochemical Engineer: Bondi Bioworks – Sydney, Australia

Fermentation Research Associate: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Analytical Scientist: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Scientist/ Scientist Associate – Natural Product Downstream Purification & Analysis: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Scientist (CRISPR): Mammoth Biosciences, San Francisco CA

Strain Engineer / Molecular Biologist: Bondi Bioworks – Sydney, Australia

Senior Synthetic Biology Scientist: Rejuvenate Bio, San Diego, CA

Sr. Research Associate/Scientist – Microbial Synthetic Biology: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Automation Associate – Synthetic Biology Automation: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Automation Engineer – Synthetic Biology Automation: Conagen, Bedford, MA

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