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News digest #259 – AMSilk’s OMEGA watch, $7m for Lygos and Sphere + Early bird ends tomorrow!

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Hi all,

In an unlikely collaboration between Swiss luxury watchmaking giant OMEGA and German synthetic biology company AMSilk, the silk fabric of the future is now available to luxury goods consumers:

Biology produces the most complex structures in the universe with remarkable efficiency. But until recently, biology’s creative engine was out of reach for most startups. This is starting to change though: The synbio stack is transforming the competitive landscape by allowing small startups to flourish in the land of the biotech giants.

How are organizations utilizing the synthetic biology stack to move research forward? The DAMP Lab, a fledgling biofoundry that is taking shape within the new Biological Design Center at Boston University, is developing novel biological systems using formal representations of protocols and experiments for the specify-design-build-test cycle — ultimately producing faster, more scalable, and reproducible research results.

How can we reimagine, design, and make green our economy? Join us for a special Green New Deal Town Hall, a webinar live from Washington D.C. on Tuesday February 5 at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern to share your ideas for how we can shape and give input to the Green New Deal.

Finally, early bird for SynBioBeta 2019 ends tomorrow! Meet the innovators and companies, find new opportunities, partner up and discover the potential of the biological industrial revolution.

Have a great week!

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Who's hiring?

Who’s hiring?

Senior Strain Engineer: Bondi Bioworks – Sydney, Australia

Senior Analytical Chemist / Biochemical Engineer: Bondi Bioworks – Sydney, Australia

Scientific Consultant/Senior Scientific Consultant: Riffyn, Oakland, CA

Scientist I, Molecular Diagnostics Platform Innovation: CRISPR diagnostics startup

Fermentation Research Associate: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Analytical Scientist: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Scientist/ Scientist Associate – Natural Product Downstream Purification & Analysis: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Strain Engineer / Molecular Biologist: Bondi Bioworks – Sydney, Australia

VP of Engineering: Riffyn, Oakland, CA

Senior Synthetic Biology Scientist: Rejuvenate Bio, San Diego, CA

Senior Front End Engineer: Riffyn, Oakland, CA

Sr. Research Associate/Scientist – Microbial Synthetic Biology: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Automation Associate – Synthetic Biology Automation: Conagen, Bedford, MA

Automation Engineer – Synthetic Biology Automation: Conagen, Bedford, MA

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