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News digest #256 – The Internet of synthetic biology things + measuring what matters + GreenLight Biosciences announces $50M

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In our quest to make biology easier to engineer, one thing that continues to be of utmost importance is our ability to measure biology accurately. Recently we spoke with Darlene Solomon, CTO of Agilent, about how hardware platforms, IoT, and government initiatives are enabling accurate and sensitive biological measurements — and where we have room to grow. 

Darlene Solomon, CTO of Agilent.

Measuring what matters counts, but how we share what we measure counts, too. In a feature guest blog, Marc Salit, who leads the Genome-Scale Measurements Group at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, discusses how we can rethink how we share data to turn synthetic biology projects from terrariums into thriving ecosystems that have broken beyond glass walls. 

As synthetic biology evolves into a fully-fledged engineering discipline, it must tackle current inconsistencies in measurements and enhance the reproducibility of experiments. Fortunately, companies are devising and implementing new tools to make biology simpler to understand. Learn how the Internet of Things could help synthetic biology in its quest towards standardization. 

Before synthetic biology can retool the economy, save the planet, or help put people on Mars, it’s going to have to become significantly easier to use. Arbor Biosciences is working to change that by making many of the traditional methods obsolete. “With rapid cell-free expression, more proteins can be designed, produced, and investigated for diverse applications,” says Matthew Hymes, marketing director at Arbor Biosciences. Arbor has just been acquired by Chiral Technologies. 

“There is a great synergy between these two revolutionary technologies in synthetic biology,” says Evelyn Eggenstein, product development scientist at Arbor Biosciences, speaking of Arbor’s collaboration with Labctye.

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Who's hiring?

Who’s hiring?

Software Engineer – Back-end: Serotiny

Synthetic Biology Research Associate: LanzaTech

Scientist, Strain Engineering at 64-x

Scientist I, Molecular Diagnostics Platform Innovation: CRISPR diagnostics startup

Careers in Protein Engineering at Codexis

Senior Software Engineer: CATALOG

Head of Bioprocess: C16 Biosciences

Engineering Lead: Ansa Biotechnologies

Scientist, Microorganism Engineering at 64-x

Scientist: CATALOG

Mammalian Synthetic Biology – Protein Engineer: Serotiny

Mechanical Engineer: CATALOG

Synthetic and Microbial Biologist: C16 Biosciences

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