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News digest #251 – BetaSpace: The space settlement issue


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Hi all,

Welcome to the space settlement issue of our weekly digest. Today we launch BetaSpace, a new initiative at SynBioBeta that will bring together innovators in Earth-based sustainability technology with the space companies and organizations that need solutions to our biggest challenges in space, including habitation, materials, water, energy and environment.

I was working at NASA when I started SynBioBeta back in 2012, and I’ve long been passionate about settling the solar system. The technology solutions we need to sustain life on our planet are the very same ones we need to sustain life in space. Synthetic biology is going to be a key part of the technology mix needed to settle other planets. For all of you space cadets who are also interested in settling other worlds, I invite you to join the BetaSpace Digest, our new periodic newsletter for the space settlement industry.

Schematic roadmap for research on adapting life to Mars.

We’ve featured space talks at SynBioBeta in the past, but for 2019 we’re taking it up a notch. We’ll have an entire BetaSpace track on sustainable technologies for space settlement. To join us, sign up here by this Friday with the code “WHATSCOOKING” for our Black Friday discount of $350.

To kick off the BetaSpace Digest, this week we feature a series of stories at the intersection of biotechnology and space:

I hope you have a great week!

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More reads

Apply to attend the Impact.tech Seminar: “Introduction to Synthetic Biology” on Jan 24th, 2019

Curie Co joins as Breakout Labs’ newest portfolio company

Americans are closely divided over health risk from food additives and genetically modified foods (Pew Research Center)

Lumen Bioscience announces issuance of US patent for genetic modification of spirulina (Press release)

Microvi partners with Elemental Excelerator to bring clean water to disadvantaged communities in California

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Twist Bioscience appoints Jan Johannessen to Board of Directors (Press release)

BIA releases report on the most important areas to UK bioindustry

Revolutionizing cell biology: Incuvers brings affordable incubator to research market

The next SynbiCITE 4–day MBA ‘More Business Acumen’ course is taking place on 9-13 December 2018 in London

Deinove will market a 2nd proprietary carotenoid-based cosmetic active ingredient in 2019 (Press release)

Investment banks initiate coverage of Twist Bioscience citing leadership in synthetic biology market (Genome Web)

Living Ink awarded $175,000 from the State of Colorado Office of Economic Development (Press release)

Engineered bacteria produce silk-like fibers that are as strong as natural ones (Scientific American)

Who's hiring?

Who’s hiring?

Junior Strategist @ BWK

Research Associate II/Senior Research Associate – Strain Analytics: Pivot Bio, Berkeley, CA

Microbial Formulation Process Development Senior Scientist: Pivot Bio, Berkeley, CA

Synthetic and Microbial Biologist: Colorifix, Norwich Research Park

Fermentation Engineer: Culture Robotics, South San Francisco, CA

Computational Synthetic Biologist: Colorifix, Norwich Research Park

Head of Infrastructure/Operations (VP) – Ginkgo Bioworks, Boston, MA

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