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News Digest #239 – SynBioBeta Awards + Live at 10am: Biopharma and Synthetic Biology (sponsored by Mayfield Fund)



Hi all,Join us today at 10am Pacific for a live webinar and report: Synthetic Biology + Biopharma.

Tomorrow at 9am Pacific: Live webinar releasing our investment report: “Venture Investment in Synthetic Biology Hits Biggest Year Ever”.

Engineering Biology Awards: In 2014, we created the Engineering Biology Awards as a way to highlight the great science, engineering, and technologies being pioneered within our community. This year, we invite you to join us in recognizing five tremendous contributors to our field: Dr. Christina Agapakis of Ginkgo Bioworks, Bryan Johnson and Jeffrey Klunzinger of OS Fund, and Dr. Richard Kitney and Dr. Paul Fremont of SynbiCITE. They will all be live in stage during the awards ceremony at SynBioBeta on Monday October 1st.


A big thanks to venture capital firm Mayfield for sponsoring this week’s digest. Ursheet Parikh, a partner at Mayfield will be speaking at SynBioBeta and Mayfield and WSGR are also hosting a lunch-and-learn on “Building Synthetic Biology Companies at Scale”. We talked to all four panelists about their unique views on scaling. Diego Rey from Y Combinator will be on that panel (and YC is accepting applications for their Winter 2019 program btw).

This week we also take a look at how Procter & Gamble is leading the way in making high-performance bio-based products, and the challenges of going green in such a big way. P&G has a partnering workshop at this year’s event too. Congratulations to Molecular Assemblies, who announced three new patents this month for their enzymatic DNA synthesis platform — bringing their total number of patents up to eight! Congratulations also to our friends at Thermo Fisher Scientific, who have licensed CRISPR technologies from the Broad Institute and ERS Genomics. Helge Bastian will be speaking about this and more at SynBioBeta.

We have over 60 exhibitors at this year’s event, including: Singer Instruments who will be showcasing its precision colony picker, PIXL: Singer is welcoming early-adopter collaborators this month. Benchling has developed the first industry best practices for large molecule R&D data models. Check out their guide for modeling registration systems for strain engineering and fermentation here.

The event app does not suck! If you are already coming to SynBioBeta then check out a sample of our attendee list here and watch out for our partnering app, which will enable you to connect with other attendees. The networking app will be launched this week. If you don’t want to be included in the app, please let me know by noon on Friday. If you are looking for accommodation this year: the block booking for Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront ends on Friday!


Ecovia Renewables awarded $500,000 to develop superabsorbent biopolymers 
Evonetix makes key appointments to support development of gene synthesis technology
BioBright and Beckman Coulter to bring enhanced technical support capabilities to instruments
Sphere Fluidics introduces new Cyto-Mine Studio software suite
CRISPR Therapeutics and ViaCyte to develop gene-edited stem cell-derived therapy for diabetes
How new beneficial microbes are performing on the farm
Atomwise has entered into an evaluation agreement with Pfizer
Inovio develops novel H3N2 influenza DNA vaccine
Maxygen appoints Steven B. Riedmuller as Chief Executive Officer

Startup making seaweed textile wins 100,000 euro in sustainability contest

The DAMP Lab will host the First International Workshop on Bio-Manufacturing Automation (IWBMA) at Boston University, October 18th

Organizers at 28 informal science education institutions hosted the “Editing Our Evolution: Rewriting the Human Genome” forum between February and September

Citrus greening spreading to California; gene editing could save U.S. industry (BIOtechNOW)

Gene-edited skin patch prevents cocaine overdose in mice

Why the Gene Editors of Tomorrow Need to Study Ethics Today (Wired)

Why DNA Is the Most Exciting Programming Language Today (Wired)

Synthetic Biology Week Events

Empowering Women Change-Makers in the Synthetic Biology Industry with Mintz

Positive Disruption of the Semiconductor Industry or… an Empty Promise? with SRC

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants: Microbiome Magic with Pivot Bio

Hands-On Workshop with the world’s most affordable high-precision lab robot, Opentrons OT-2

Who’s Hiring?

Synthetic Biologist: bioMASON, Research Triangle Park, NC

Research Associate – Molecular Microbiology: bioMASON, Research Triangle Park, NC

Program Manager, Catalyst Science Fund: Revive & Restore, San Francisco, CA

Chemoinformatics Scientist: DiCE Molecules, Redwood City, CA

Principal Scientist, Automation Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Software Architect – CATALOG, Boston, MA

Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Synthetic Biology Center, Cambridge, MA USA

Anaerobic Microbiology Lead – Eligo Bioscience, Paris, France

Anaerobe Engineer – Eligo Bioscience, Paris, France

Scientist, Microbiologist: Pivot Bio, Berkeley, CA

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