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News Digest #234 – What are the defining milestones from the last 20 years of synthetic biology? (sponsored by SynbiCITE)



Hi all,We’re doing something exciting for the SynBioBeta 2018 keynote presentation, “Twenty Years of Synthetic Biology: Past, Present, and Future.” Tim Gardner, Riffyn founder and CEO will be highlighting the community’s view of the defining moments in the history of synthetic biology, from tools to product commercialization. Want to hear your thoughts highlighted in the keynote? Share your thoughts here and join the keynote to hear what the community thinks.

What’s the impact of Synthetic Biology, AI and Automation on the biopharma industry? Navjot Singh (McKinsey & Company), John Baldoni (GSK), and Mark Fischer-Colbrie (Labcyte) will take this on in our keynote panel at SynBioBeta 2018.

I just published the schedule for the event in San Francisco on October 1-3, you can see all the sessions, speakers, and workshops taking place. If you register before Friday, then you’ll receive our early bird price of $1600. It’s a pivotal time for the industry, so I hope you’ll join us for what’s set to be our biggest and best event yet.

As part of the free events taking place throughout Synthetic Biology Week, come meet Darlene Solomon, CTO of Agilent on October 5th in Santa Clara, who will introduce you to the Seahorse live cell characterization platform that detects changes in cell bioenergetics in real-time. Darlene will also be hosting a workshop on metabolomics and mass spectrometry to advance the design, test and analysis of synthetic biology. Tim Gardner and Elliot Menschik will also be hosting a satellite event at the AWS loft on machine learning & AI in biotech and pharmaceutical R&D. Speakers will include Amoolya Singh (VP Informatics, Amyris), John Baldoni (SVP, GSK), and others.
Also this week, Opentrons’ Will Canine discusses the synthetic biology stack, which he thinks will help accelerate solutions to our century’s big problems: food, disease, and environmental impact. Finally, SynBioBeta contributor David Kirk examines how DNA assembly lines — combining automation, DNA construction, and synthetic biology — are helping to usher in the bioeconomy in the UK and abroad.


White Dog Labs announces remarkable health benefits for shrimp aquaculture
Novartis receives European Commission approval of its CAR-T cell therapy
Revive & Restore launches Catalyst Science Fund to develop new biotechnology tools for conservation
How the innovation model is changing to deliver deep tech
Payam Pourtaheri and Agrospheres: environmentally friendly, safe biotech solutions
Europe and the U.S. should avoid an all-or-nothing approach to regulating plants made with CRISPR

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