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News Digest #233 – Ginkgo’s new Creative Resident, data storage in DNA, Recombinetics raises $34M, Amyris $46M, and more (sponsored by GenScript)



Hi all,SynBioBeta 2018 is now 4 weeks away and we hope you are as excited as we are! We’ve announced over 125 speakers, 32 sponsors, 45 exhibitors, and our schedule is looking great with focus sessions, focus panels, and workshops. Early bird registration ends Friday.

Scientists at Molecular Assemblies stored and retrieved digital information in DNA using enzymatic synthesis, a technology that is both cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable. In case you missed our review on this technology, check it out here and watch the video of the Future of DNA synthesis panel at SynBioBeta last year, sponsored by Mike Kamdar of Molecular Assemblies again this year.

If you haven’t seen our first report on how synthetic biology is transforming the chemicals and materials industry, you can download it here, and sign up for future reports notifications here.

This week, Recombinetics raised $34 million in series A funding to develop gene editing techniques to improve animal health, well-being and productivity, Amyris raised $46 million in a public offering to develop specialty ingredients and consumer products, and RebelBio, an SOSV life sciences accelerator in London, announced their Cohort VI of seven startups that are working on some great disruptive technologies.

Ginkgo Bioworks announced that Yasaman Sheri will be joining them as their Creative Resident this fall, where she’ll look at how synthetic biology might enable new types of sensing and interactions at the intersection of design and biology. Check out our interview with Ginkgo’s Christina Agapakis to learn more about it, and don’t miss our session “Synbio and Design” at SynBioBeta 2018.



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All the News

How synthetic biology’s “window of innovation” is disrupting the chemical industry (The Motley Fool)

A CRISPR cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy is closer after a trial in dogs (MIT Tech Review)

Twist Bioscience responds to Agilent’s latest baseless complaint (Press release)

A-Alpha Bio is developing a platform that can measure thousands of protein interactions simultaneously and how drugs affect them (The Bio Report)

Engineering scientists use bacteria to create biosynthetic silk threads stronger and more tensile than before (Washington University in St. Louis)

Controlling cholera with microbes – Engineered bacteria can prevent, diagnose, and treat infections (MIT Technology Review)

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