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News Digest #231 – New chemicals and materials report, living medicines, P&G embraces the biobased future (sponsored by P&G)



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This week’s digest is made possible by Procter & Gamble, whose Amy Trejo spoke with me yesterday about opportunities for synthetic biology companies to partner with the P&G’s of the world. Today, we also take a look at how major companies like P&G are embracing the bioeconomy, listening to their customers and responding to the demand for environmentally sustainable products.

Next week we’ll be announcing the first of five special SynBioBeta reports on how synthetic biology is transforming long-established industry sectors. The first will be on chemicals and materials – a $5 trillion sector that thrives on innovation to make everything from plastics to perfumes. Join us to hear about how the latest synbio research and startups can help address this sector’s new unmet needs.

This week, we discuss how giving beneficial microbes the ability to produce human proteins may make them more powerful contributors to skin health, and how Azitra is harnessing such microbes to treat a range of skin diseases.

In other news, Synlogic published preclinical data that highlight the potential of synthetic live bacterial therapeutics to treat phenylketonuria. SynBioBeta columnist Embriette Hyde has more on how Synlogic, through their partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks, is able to target conditions like PKU and many others.

Finally, check out my recent talk “If you don’t have a bio strategy, you’re doomed!” in France about why every company needs a plan to incorporate biology into their existing mission, vision, and goals. Check out our latest speakers and join us in October for SynBioBeta 2018 and Synthetic Biology Week.

Have a wonderful week!

The assembly line of the future: Automation, DNA construction, and synthetic biology
UKI2S announces seed investment in Cagen, a  company using protein nanocages
Inari secures $40 million in Series B funding to expand gene-editing for crop breeding
Canada’s first Genome Foundry is using robots to build synthetic genomes
Bactevo announces addition to scientific advisory board and company name change 
Call for nominations: NAS  announces a consensus study “Safeguarding the Bioeconomy”
NSW Health Funds Indee Labs’ first preclinical study into cell therapy for blood cancer
Yield10 Bioscience signs agreement covering CRISPR-Cas9 with the Broad Institute and Pioneer
Teneobio and Poseida expand partnership to develop UniDabs™ for CAR-T therapies

All the News

Why the bioeconomy could be the future of sustainable manufacturing (World Economic Forum)

CRISPR potatoes coming up? Simplot licenses DowDuPont gene editing technology (Modern Farmer)

NSF international MULTIPLIER program completes first expedition – US researchers collaborate with European partners to study advances in synthetic biology

This rare variety of corn has evolved a way to make its own nitrogen, which could revolutionize farming (Smithsonian Magazine)

Two companies team up to send 3D bioprinter to the space station (IEEE Spectrum)

New DARPA funding opportunity: Plant Bio-mining System

The science ‘rebel’ who’s teaching microbes to be more productive (J&J Innovation Podcast)

Synthetic Genomics announces changes to its board of directors (Press release)

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