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News Digest #226 – Food 2.0, Manus Bio’s $19.4M Series A, Synthace expands UK presence, and more



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In case you missed our webinar in partnership with SynbiCITE last week, you can watch it here. We discussed the single biggest quarter in our industry’s history, almost $1M USD. We also highlighted some of the global developments in the synthetic biology industry and what the UK and SynbiCITE are planning for the coming year.

How do we feed almost 10 billion people by 2050? I’ll be in Brazil for Christine Gould’s Thought For Food Summit July 23-27. Chris Patil captured our thoughts on the future of food in this article featuring three companies that will be at SynBioBeta 2018. If you are interested in cellular agriculture, New Harvest is hosting their annual event on July 20 & 21 at the MIT Media Lab. You can email erin@new-harvest.org if you’d like a discount. Another meeting taking place at Berkeley in September will be The Good Food Institute’s first conference focused on accelerating the commercialization of plant-based and clean meat.

In funding news, Manus Bio raised a $19.4 million Series A financing to engineer bacteria to produce natural ingredients for food, pharmaceuticals and agricultural products. Microbiome startup Nextbiotix raised €7M to bring live biotherapeutics to patients, and DNA Script has been awarded $2.7M in grants to accelerate the production of long DNA constructs, key components of cell and gene therapy drugs.

The CTO of Manus Bio, Christine Santos, will be speaking about their microbial manufacturing platform at SynBioBeta 2018, along with these new speakers.

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All the News

With this startup’s help, gene-editing tech will soon be everywhere (Fast Company)

Beyond the hard drive: encoding data in DNA

SilicoLife was awarded a grant for the commercial evaluation of its technology to produce n-butanol (Press release)

Vedanta Biosciences receives award to advance a microbiome-derived therapeutic program (Press release)

The BioIndustry Association best practice guide for communicating R&D

Evolva announces Oliver Walker to succeed Simon Waddington as CEO (Press release)

Craig Behnke Joins Lumen Bioscience as SVP, Production and Development, as the company launches first product for the food and cosmetics industries (Press release)

Agribusiness group Wilmar and the National University of Singapore have established a joint research laboratory to conduct clinical nutrition and synthetic biology research

PETA & Stella McCartney BioDesign Challenge winners create animal free wool (Forbes)

Who’s Hiring?

VP Manufacturing – DNA Script, Paris, France

VP Industrial Property – DNA Script, Paris, France

Synthetic biologist/Protein engineer: XENO Cell Innovations, Pilsen, Czech Republic

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