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News Digest #219 – Join us in 90 minutes for SynBioBeta Live! Learn why you need be a data company else you’re not going to survive the future.


Hi all,

If you’ve ever felt like you could optimize your fermentation yield but not known which parameters to tweak, then join us for the debut of SynBioBetaLive! today at 8am Pacific. According to John Conway, Former Global Director of R&D Innovation and Thought Leadership at Accenture, you need be a data company else you’re not going to survive the future!

Join us for SynBioBetaLive! today at 8am Pacific with Laura Jennings-Antipov and Tim Gardner of Riffyn, and John Conway, Former Global Director of R&D Innovation and Thought Leadership at Accenture.

SynBioBeta 2018 is going to be awesome, don’t be left out of the conversation with the best-known thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in bio and tech. Register today, prices go up after Friday, June 1. Visit our website to learn about our latest speakers from JCVI, ZBiotics, and Y Combinator, or to learn how to host your own satellite event during Synthetic Biology Week along with over 100 groups!

GenScript is calling for 100 beta testers to explore a free smart DNA construct design tool that will help researchers build sophisticated constructs.For more information click here, and Eric Wang will be speaking more about it at SynBioBeta this year.

Congrats to Ginkgo and LanzaTech, two synthetic biology companies that made it into the CNBC Disruptor 50 companies list this year.

If you love cell free synthetic biology, check out this interview with Quentin Dudley and Susan Duncan about their OpenPlant collaboration, and our session at SynBioBeta 2018 featuring Paul Freemont and Thomas Meany.

Some of our new sponsors for 2018 include:

Biosyntia just raised €4 million in Series A financing to advance its microbe engineering technology and bio-based product pipeline. “Biosyntia has a unique, world-class microbe engineering technology allowing it to rapidly develop replacements for oil-derived products consumed in our daily life”, says Joško Bobanović, partner with Sofinnova Partners’ Industrial Biotechnology Fund.

Joško Bobanović and Karsten Temme.

Pivot Bio is ramping up with the hiring of three senior leaders to its team to launch the world’s first nitrogen-producing microbe for corn. Karsten Temme, CEO of Pivot Bio, will be giving a fireside chat at SynBioBeta all about the future of agriculture.

Indee Labs closed $2.6M in seed funding to help drive down the cost of manufacturing immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer. Their new gene delivery technology can be used to develop personalised therapies at scale.

Dominic Falcão, co-founder of Deep Science Ventures, discusses a new story for science entrepreneurship and how companies such as LabGenius (computational material science) and HackScience (automating lab work), demonstrate that you can build science companies by combining insights from scientific disciplines that have not really communicated with one another. He will be giving a workshop as part of the Synthetic Biology Week.

I hope you have a great week and I hope to see you at SynBioBeta Live shortly.


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All the News

After settling lawsuit with Bayer, Cellectis spin-off launches €41M follow-on offering (Labiotech)

Novvi, and Chevron to develop new renewable base oil technologies (Press release)

Focusing on solutions at the minisymposium on reproducibility (Addgene)

Isomerase cofounder wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry prize

Intellia Therapeutics announces WT1 as its first cell therapy target (Press release)

Synthetic yeast genome reveals its versatility (Nature News)

Calysta partners with Nofima for trials to promote sustainable seafood (Press release

How you can help shape the future of lab productivity

Who’s Hiring?

Computational Biologist Modeler: LanzaTech Inc. – Skokie, IL

Fermentation Scientist: DNA Script, Paris, France

Synthetic biologist/Protein engineer: XENO Cell Innovations, Pilsen, Czech Republic

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