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News Digest #214 – What can synthetic biologists learn from Zuckerberg’s mistakes?


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If you are coming to SynBioBeta 2018, don’t forget to book your room in one of our recommended hotels by next Friday to get a discount.

Y Combinator’s new Bio Program will kick off this June and the companies will all have access space at Bonneville Labs in Berkeley, founded by Kinkead Reiling. If you haven’t been to Bonneville Labs before, Kinkead will be hosting the closing party for Synthetic Biology Week.

Kat Manalac and Diego Rey of Y Combinator will both be onstage this October at SynBioBeta, along with a number of the new YC companies.

Illumina Accelerator is accepting applications for its next funding cycle in San Francisco, which are due on May 1st. And yesterday was Demo Day at IndieBio. Check out our review of the event.

It’s not just biogeeks who care about making biology easier to engineer: DARPA sees a future in intelligent laboratory robots to accelerate biological design. It just awarded $9.5 million to Transcriptic and Ginkgo Bioworks. The industry partners will produce a cloud-based experimental design platform and open data exchange for synthetic biology.

Yvonne Linney, CEO of Transcriptic, and Tom Knight, co-founder of Ginkgo Bioworks.

Last but not least, the biocreatives are in force this week, with Bolt Thread’s launch of a new mushroom leather handbag with Stella McCartney (Bolt is licensing Ecovative’s leather), and Ginkgo’s launch of their three-month creative residency.


Synthetic biologists can learn from Zuckerberg’s mistakes
EnobraQ raises €2 million seed funding to use CO2 as industrial feedstock
Scientists create an enzyme that digests plastic and could boost recycling
What if DNA had more letters + a “printer” that converts digital information into biological material
Inovio awarded up to $56 million from CEPI to advance DNA vaccines
Metalytics launches innovative technology for performing metabolic flux analysis, CoreMFA®

Who’s Hiring?

Director of Science Education: Genspace, Brooklyn, NY

Community Lab Biosafety Officer Fellowship: Genspace, BUGSS and Biocurious

Synthetic Biologist / Geneticist: Eligo Bioscience, Paris, France

Synthetic biologist/Protein engineer: XENO Cell Innovations, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Product Manager, Cells: Synthego, California

Senior QA Specialist: Synthego, California

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All the News

Milis Bio and Sothic Bioscience have been awarded EU funding to develop business ideas (Irish Times)

CRISPR-Cas9 improved 10,000-fold by synthetic nucleotides (GEN News)

Professor Susan Rosser awarded Royal Academy of Engineering’s Chair in Emerging Technologies

Artificial antimicrobial peptides could help overcome drug-resistant bacteria (MIT News)

Labcyte reaches agreement with Merck to supply acoustic-mass spectrometry equipment (Press Release)

This machine sends vaccines like they’re a fax (Fast Company)

Global Bioenergies and SkyNRG announce their collaboration for the production of sustainable aviation fuel (Press Release)

Most fish feed is derived from…well, fish. But change may be coming (Modern Farmer)

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