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News Digest #207 – Living Medicines, Living Paints, and Living Foundries are all on the rise


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In the past ten years, the human microbiome has garnered an incredible amount of attention. It’s a hot research area and also a focal point for health interventions. Check out these synthetic biologists who are engineering microbes to function not just as a supplement, but as drug producers in the stomach for treating illnesses.

This week, we take a look at how Synlogic is leading the way for engineered probiotics, and how a recent partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks will scale the process of organism engineering and bring living medicines to patients faster. Both Jason Kelly and Christina Agapakis from Ginkgo will be speaking at SynBioBeta in the fall.

What if you could paint with the vivid, iridescent hues of a peacock’s feather or a butterfly’s wing? By engineering flavobacterium, scientists at the University of Cambridge and Hoekmine BV are exploring the possibility of harvesting these bacteria for the large-scale manufacturing of biodegradable, non-toxic paints.

Enjoy the bio-based art and have a great week.


Robotic labs for high-speed genetic research are on the rise

Biofoundries are being set up around the world, offering ways of centralizing the donkey work of genetic-engineering research.

POLYTECH and AMSilk announce start of clinical study for silk-coated medical implants

The partnership with AMSilk marks the first time that bioengineered silk will be inside the human body.

Bio is Beautiful: An interview with Vivid Biology founder Claudia Stocker

When it comes to synthetic biology, a leading bioartist stresses that it’s more important than ever to engage the general public, to ensure that everyone feels involved.

C3J Therapeutics acquires engineered bacteriophage platform from Synthetic Genomics

By integrating SGI’s engineered phage platform, C3J can speed the development of new drugs for combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Who’s Hiring?

Senior/Staff Computational Scientist, Bioinformatics: Inscripta, Boulder, CO

Sr. Scientist, Applications: Inscripta, Boulder, CO

Assembly Scientist – DNA Script: Paris, France

Enzyme Production Leader – DNA Script: Paris, France

Technology Application Scientist – DNA Script: Paris, France

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All the News

Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. Announces Winners of the IDT Sustainability Award Supporting Innovation in Biodiversity Research (Press Release)

UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund Backs First Early-Stage Science Ventures in Partnership with Innovate UK

Accelerating the Cell-based Bioeconomy: A New Day Dawns for RoosterBio (Press Release)

Proofreading Proteins: New studies help researchers evaluate, improve genome engineering in bacteria (Harvard)

Timothy Lu seeks to combat disease by reprogramming biological systems (MIT News)

We’re Reaching a Tipping Point in the Biobased Economy (BIOtechNOW)

European Patent Office Grants 2nd Charpentier/Doudna Patent Covering CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Regulation Applications (Press Release)

BISY implements SGI-DNA’s BioXp™ System to automate gene synthesis

Consider Corn Challenge Shines a Light on Corn’s Growing Potential in Bioeconomy – Lygos is Among the Winners

Karius Clinical Investigator Awards for Applied Infectious Disease Genomics – Applications Due June 30, 2018

The state of biotech regulations in 2018 — an ag policy expert’s perspective (GMO Answers)

SynBio Canada has launched: Join the community and keep up to date at www.synbiocanada.org

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