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News Digest #206 – Senti Bio Raises $53M, Inscripta $55.5M, Perfect Day $24.7M, Prokarium $10M, Boost Biomes $2M


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Founded by pioneers in the field of synthetic biology from MIT, the Wyss Institute at Harvard, MD Anderson, Boston University, ETH Zurich, and other institutions, this week Senti Biosciences raised a $53 million Series A round to design synthetic gene circuits for adaptive cell and gene therapies.

“Senti is a start-up company focused on using synthetic biology tools to build next-generation cell and gene therapies that can adapt, sense, respond, and have a greater range of effects than current cell and gene therapies are capable of,” said Dr. Tim Lu, co-founder and CEO of Senti Biosciences.

Inscripta has closed a $55.5 million Series C funding round to accelerate commercialization of gene-editing tools — including enzymes, reagents, instrumentation, and software. Perfect Day raised a $24.7 million Series A round and received its first patent for the use of animal-free dairy proteins in food applications.

Boost Biomes launched with a $2.05 million seed round to develop microbiome-based products with a focus on sustainable food production and agriculture. In the UK, Prokarium raised $10 million to develop vaccines using a synthetic biology platform that enables thermostable microbes to be taken orally.

In other news, Riffyn was awarded its first US patent for experiment design and data analytics in biotech and pharmaceutical R&D. “Global pharma, biotech and chemical enterprises are under tremendous pressure to shorten product development cycles to address product obsolescence, pricing pressures, and realize first-to-market advantages,” noted Dr. Timothy Gardner, Riffyn’s Founder/CEO.

Source: Riffyn

Riffyn, Inscripta and Prokarium will all be speaking at SynBioBeta 2018, register by March 31st to get a discount.

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Kite and Sangamo to Develop Engineered Cell Therapies for Cancer

“The emergence of gene editing as a tool to edit immune cells holds promise in the development of therapies with potentially improved safety, efficacy and efficiency.”

Cargill, Precision BioSciences team up to develop canola oil using genome editing

Together, the partners are using Precision’s ARCUS® genome-editing technology to further reduce saturated fat in canola oil.

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Assembly Scientist – DNA Script: Paris, France

Enzyme Production Leader – DNA Script: Paris, France

Technology Application Scientist – DNA Script: Paris, France

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