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News Digest #204 – Terraforming Mars, Self-cleaning Teeth, How to Convince People to Love GMOs, and more.


Hi all,

This week, Sarah Zhang covered synthetic biology for The Atlantic, and commented that “if new GMOs are going to truly make the world a better place, they’ll have to appeal to many more people. They’ll have to replace whole industries that feed and clothe millions”.

Ginkgo Bioworks wants to know why people are scared, why they don’t love GMOs,” says Christina Agapakis, Ginkgo’s creative director, who will be speaking at SynBioBeta 2018. You can register for the conference here.

The MIT Tech Review also did a deep dive on Asimov this week, a startup selling “circuits” for making drugs and chemicals inside bacteria.

Finally, from terraforming Mars to self-cleaning teeth, check out my interview with Pete Bickerton for the Earlham Institute.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

TechAccel invests in startup making better crops through chloroplast engineering

Plastomics is using chloroplast genetic engineering to develop the next generation of high performing crops.

Novozymes launches yeast platform for corn ethanol production

A completely new strain, the product can reduce fermentation time by up to two hours compared to current yeasts.

New biosurveillance technology would quickly identify harmful traits in bacterial strains

A new program from DARPA proposes to develop technology that rapidly screens bacteria to establish their pathogenicity.

The evolution of an innovator

James Field, winner of BBSRC Early Career Innovator of the Year 2017, has recently secured $3.66M in investment for his company LabGenius and features in American magazine Forbes’ list of the 600 most influential people in the world under age 30.

Johnson & Johnson opens first European JLABS incubator

Called JLABS @ BE, the site will accommodate up to 30 life science startups focused on innovations across the entire healthcare spectrum.

Fostering Canadian innovations from the lab to the marketplace

The Government of Canada awarded a contract valued at $267,467 to FREDsense Technologies for its biosensor that uses living cells to rapidly identify specific chemicals in water.

Who’s Hiring?

Scientist – Synthetic Biology at DeepBiome Therapeutics, Allston, MA

Head of Metabolic Engineering: Bayer and Ginkgo Joint Venture, Boston, MA

Junior Molecular Biologist: Ginkgo Bioworks, Boston, MA

To feature your job here, please get in touch

All the News

Inovio and The Wistar Institute Receive $4.6 Million to Advance DNA Vaccines Against Tuberculosis & Malaria (Press Release)

The future of genetically modified mosquitoes could be in mini, moveable labs (Stat News)

Dyadic International To Produce An Active Biopharmaceutical Ingredient in C1 Microorganism (Press Release)

Sangamo Therapeutics Announce $11 Million NIH Grant for Study of Gene-Edited T Cells for Viral Eradication of HIV (Press release)

Renewable Materials Company BioAmber Announces Pricing of US$10 Million Underwritten Public Offering (Press release)

Amyris Aprinnova Joint Venture Launches Pharmaceutical Grade Neossance Squalane USP (Press release)

UK Companies – Pitch your industrial biotechnology and bioenergy products and processes to investors (KTN Event)

Lars Dalgaard is stepping down from his general partner role at Andreessen Horowitz to found his own investment firm (CNBC)

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