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News Digest #201 – #MemoriesInDNA, SynBioBeta Early Bird Ends Wed, Synthetic Viruses and more.


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If you could pick an image to be preserved for thousands of years, what would it be? The University of Washington, Microsoft and Twist Bioscience are inviting the public to submit photographs that they’d like to see preserved in DNA for millennia. The images — which can be uploaded at the project website — will be encoded in synthetic DNA and made available to researchers worldwide.

A selection of images submitted to the #MemoriesInDNA Project. University of Washington.

In health news, a team of researchers from NPL and UCL have engineered an artificial virus which has the ability to kill bacteria on first contact, to help address the global threat of antimicrobial resistance. Inovio Pharmaceuticals produced a vaccine with synthetic DNA antigens that generated broad protective responses against all major deadly strains of H1 influenza viruses from the last 100 years, and Teewinot has now secured six U.S. patents covering processes for the production of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals.

In other news, Synthego launched ICE, a new free and open source tool named “Inference of CRISPR Edits” for the broader CRISPR research community, and Kraig Biocraft Laboratories has implemented an expanded material performance testing procedure for its recombinant spider silk technology.

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