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Maxygen Appoints Steven B. Riedmuller as Chief Executive Officer

SUNNYVALE, CA Sept , 18th 2018 – Maxygen, a provider of high quality services to clients in synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, gene therapy, immunotherapy, and gene editing through application of its molecular breeding technology, is pleased to announce the appointment of Steven B. Riedmuller as CEO, effective immediately. Steven’s responsibilities will include the development of improved gene therapy products, more accurate gene editing enzymes, and enhanced biomanufacturing processes using Maxygen’s Molecular Breeding directed evolution platform to create proteins with new functions as well as superior versions of existing products. Additionally, Maxygen is developing vastly improved vectors for further gains in expression. These products will revolutionize medicine, advance the expansion of food production, and accelerate the development of biosynthetic enzyme systems for the chemical industry.

“The addition of Steven to our executive leadership team will be invaluable in Maxygen’s efforts to develop the next generation of biological solutions for some of the most challenging problems in the medical, chemical, and food industries,” said Robert Whalen, CSO. Steven has more than 20 years’ experience in automation of molecular and synthetic biology and in assembling and leading diverse teams in the development of novel technologies that greatly reduced costs and generated revenue for several organizations.

Steven most recently served as Senior Director, Field Applications at Synthetic Genomics, Inc. a San Diego biotechnology company, where he was developed a full suite of mutational library products, and new approaches to generating fully synthetic DNA ready for transfection. Prior to Synthetic Genomics, he was VP, Engineering and Business Development at Hudson Robotics, a leading supplier of laboratory automation solutions. There he led Hudson Robotics in strategic growth in biotechnology, and building programs to target the OEM robotics market.

Earlier in his career, Steven served in roles of increasing leadership responsibility in laboratory automation at The Institute for Genomic Research. “I am delighted to join Maxygen, there are many areas of Protein Engineering that will benefit from our Molecular Breeding approach to building diversity. We are seeing a surge in business from customers with complex or low throughput screening assays. The populations we provide are at least 50% functional with numerous higher performing variants. This can reduce screening to just a few hundred, saving our clients an enormous amount of time and resources while delivering tangible results,” said Mr. Riedmuller. “I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues at Maxygen to expand our footprint in Protein Engineering and Vector Development.”


Maxygen is located in Sunnyvale, CA. Their services include the molecular breeding core technology with associated screening capabilities, as well as additional expertise in molecular biology and protein sciences. A diverse skill set allows for extended R&D outsourcing capabilities to provide full service offerings from project strategy and design to the execution of a complete discovery program.

725 San Aleso Avenue Suite 2
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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