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SynBioBetaLive! is a new live video event format we have launched. We think that the webinar format has become stale, so you can think of SynBioBetaLive! as the “Webinar 2.0”. It’s a live event, scheduled at a particular time and date, hosted by John Cumbers and professionally produced and edited by SynBioBeta. The live broadcast centers on a conversation with one or two guests about a particular company and/or topic. The conversation is interspersed with short pre-record segments with relevant thought leaders, companies, and experts. Attendees can sign up in advance and join live, and also watch the archived event. The platform will be YouTube Live or similar. The live broadcast will last about 60 minutes. The last segment of the broadcast is a panel discussion with live audience Q&A.

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Previous events:

SynBioBeta Webinar: “The Future of Agriculture: Pairwise and Benchling on Getting Better Food to Market”

The convergence of tech and biology is bringing the day closer when the most affordable and delicious foods will also be good for our bodies and the planet. To achieve this, new R&D platforms are needed that can put gene editing to work at the scale and speed of the cloud. This webinar will introduce you to Benchling, the industry’s leading life sciences R&D cloud, which is changing the way researchers organize and structure R&D data, and collaborate across teams. You’ll also meet Pairwise, a food tech start-up, and learn how it is using this cloud-based approach to build a healthier world by growing new varieties of fruits and vegetables that are more attractive and accessible to consumers.

The Future of Agriculture: Pairwise and Benchling on Getting Better Food to Market

SynBioBeta Webinar – What’s your Bio Strategy? John Cumbers, CEO of the SynBioBeta conference and author of What’s Your Bio-Strategy, hosts an introduction to synthetic biology webinar that will cover what synthetic biology actually is, who’s investing in it, why the sector is booming, how it’s being applied and why it matters to you.

SynBioBeta Webinar “CRISPR Enabled Trackable Engineering (CREATE): Bringing Genome Engineering to the Bench” 

What are the possibilities when we can make 200,000 genome edits in a single experiment? You don’t have to wait to find out, because Inscripta announced that its desktop platform for multiplex genome engineering will soon let you do just that.

SynBioBeta Deep Dive webinar with Tierra Biosciences and Labcyte: If you want to disrupt the natural products market, try combining acoustic liquid handling technology with advances in cell-free approaches. Join Zachary Sun, CEO of Tierra Biosciences (formerly Synvitrobio), to hear how his company is doing just that using the Labcyte Echo Liquid Handler, a lab automation platform that uses acoustic energy to perform precision, non-contact liquid handling.


Riffyn joined us for the inaugural SynBioBetaLive! event in May 2018. Want to go from lab data to machine learning in 30 seconds? In this live webcast with John Cumbers of SynBioBeta, Tim Gardner and Laura Jennings-Antipov of Riffyn demonstrate and discuss how biological researchers can spend less time organizing their experimental data and more time asking important questions about it.

SynBioBetaLive RIffyn

Want to build more strains AND reduce your consumables? Amyris’ Chance Elliott shares with you how to build a faster, cheaper, and more eco-friendly automation pipeline using the Labcyte Echo Liquid Handler, a lab automation platform that uses acoustic energy to perform precision, non-contact liquid handling. Join Chance, Labcyte’s Jefferson Lai, and SynBioBeta’s John Cumbers for the recording of this live presentation and discussion, the first-ever SynBioBeta Deep Dive.


We were very pleased to hold a special webinar in partnership with SynbiCITE on global developments in the synthetic biology industry. The webinar highlighted findings from SynBioBeta’s 2018 Q2 investment report as well as business development opportunities at the SynBioBeta Global Summit (October 1-3) and a special SynbiCITE UK Showcase on October 1, both in San Francisco.SynbiCITE

On August 8, 2018, SynBioBeta CEO John Cumbers joined Opentrons’ Will Canine (Co-founder and CPO) and Kristin Ellis (Director of Scientific Development) for a live web discussion about their vision for the future of lab automation following the release of Opentrons’ new liquid handling robot, the OT-2. They believe that the OT-2’s low cost and open-source API promises to democratize biology and enable the lean biotech startup once and for all.


What’s the best way to approach companies like Procter & Gamble about partnering on your synbio tech and products? On Tuesday, August 14 at 9am Pacific, John Cumbers was live from Chicago with P&G’s Amy Trejo, who shared tips on developing partnerships with CPG manufacturers. Amy discussed goals for partnering, models for partnering, successful examples of P&G bio-based products, and some specific R&D areas of interest to P&G.