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Tissue Engineer: VitroLabs Inc., San Jose, CA

We’re looking for a tissue engineer to focus on the development of in vitro grown animal skins for leather applications. The candidate should be a reliable, highly-motivated and exceptionally innovative biotechnologist who will work with the rest of the team on the development of novel bioreactor systems to support industrial-scale production of new tissues.
The successful candidate will be someone who feels comfortable thinking “outside the box,” have expertise in tissue engineering, performing key critical assays to characterize cell / biomaterial interactions and has experience designing bioreactors for the growth of tissues.

The primary responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

    • Developing processes to grow tissues that can be easily scaled and manufactured at large scale.
    • Work with other team members on the impact of changes of inputs such as new cell lines, media formulations and biomaterials on the generation of tissue
    • Optimize processes that will help reduce the cost of goods
    • Oversee personnel in the development of bioreactor systems; work closely with both internal and external design engineers to further develop complex systems
    • Experience in scaling R&D projects to pilot and production scale
    • Experience in process engineering
    • Oversee the design of systems using a variety of computational techniques
    • Provide guidance to other members of the team in the field of tissue engineering
    • Daily activities will include working in the laboratory to generate engineered tissues and develop and perform specific assays to characterize the product in 3D culture systems
    • Evaluate new methods, technologies and processes to independently advance the tissue engineering aspects of the company’s projects
    • Knowledgeable and proficient in cell / biomaterial interactions, in vitro tissue formation, tissue engineering bioreactor operation and assays to support tissue characterization
    • Follow Good Laboratory Practices and Standard Operating Procedures and adhere to all safety and company policies
    • Interact with colleagues to report research results and outcomes by performing calculations and data analysis
    • Able to present data in a concise manner to both internal and external audiences
    • Maintain and update laboratory notebooks
    • Applicant must be willing and able to work a flexible work schedule including early mornings, late evenings, and some weekends

Tissue Engineer Skills & Experience:

    • The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. in Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology or a related field or an advanced degree with an appropriate level of experience
    • Experience working with cell / biomaterials is a plus; experience working with bioreactor design is preferred
    • Experience working with stem cells (iPSC, ESC or MSC) is preferred. Experience in dermal tissue engineering is a plus
    • Minimum of 5 years of post-graduate experience, ideally from industry
    • Experience in the use of Design of Experiments (DOE) is a plus
    • Demonstrated personal or professional projects that align with the role
    • Must have superior organizational skills with attention to detail, the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and accurately, and be able to adjust rapidly to shifting priorities and variable workloads
    • Must be able to communicate well in oral/written format and must possess adequate computer skills for word processing and data management.
    • Authorized to work in U.S.

Lio Tariman

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